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Carnival 2011

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  Carnival 2011 Calendar

Monday, 17.01.2011., 17h
      Lovran: Carnival Openning. Ceremony of openning, rising of Carnival flag,       carnival party.

Saturday, 05.02.2011., 20h
      Lovran (Restaurant Kvarner): Carnival Ball

Saturday, 12.02.2011., 20h
      Lovran (Restaurant Kvarner): Carnival Ball

Saturday, 19.02.2011., 11h
      Lovran: "Zubijada", masquerade fishing competition, 5th Carnival Triatlon

Saturday, 19.02.2011., 16h
      Lovran (Restaurant Kvarner): Child Carnival Party

Saturday, 19.02.2011., 18h 30min
      Gallery Laurus: Carnival Exhibition. Saturday, 19.02.2011., 20h
      Lovran (Restaurant Kvarner): Carnival Ball

Saturday, 26.02.2011., 14h
      Opatija (Slatina): International Carnival parade

Saturday, 26.02.2011., 20h
      Lovran (Restaurant Kvarner): Carnival Ball

Sunday, 27.02.2011., 10h
      Opatija: Balinjerada, competition of masked vehicles and maskers

Sunday, 27.02.2011., 14h
      Lovran: Main Carnival parade

Saturday, 05.03.2011., 20h
      Lovran (Restaurant Kvarner): Carnival Ball

Sunday, 06.03.2011, 12h
      Rijeka: Main International Carnival Parade, 3rd Carnival in the world

Sunday, 06.03.2011., 10h
      Ika, Opric, Skolarovo: Egg collectiong day.

Wednesday, 09.03.2011., 17h
      Lovran: Immolation of Pust. Closing the Carnival 2011...

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