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Festival of cherries

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  Festival of cherries

Festival of cherries in Lovran

This event becomes one of the most significants events in Lovran. Lovran is famous because of delicios cherries grows on its area. Although it was believed for very long time that Lovran has its own authentic sort, latest analysis shows that Lovran cherries belongs to world famous 'Lambert' sort and it is probably brought in Lovran area about 100 years ago.

During festival of cherries, you had a opportunity to enjoy in unique Lovran cherries, cherry cakes and specialities in the restaurant and cafes of Lovran. Festival finishes with the great final event with rich entertainment program and sampling of 5 m cherry strudel.

It is traditional Lovran event in sign of recognizible Lovran product: Lovran cherries... This year (2017), festival of cherries starts on June 10th and last till June 18th. Final event will be on Sunday, June 18th.

Come in Lovran and enjoy...

  Festival of cherries 2002
Communion, fun and relaxation in traditionally hospitable Lovran
Fantastic culinary achievements, 3-metar long cherry cake, delicious cakes and sweets...
Besides attractive gastronomic offer, the visitors are attracted by
entertainment program; folk and music ensambles ...
... and of course, unique, original, delicious Lovran cherries ...
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