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  Lovran Events in year 2003

New Year Eve in Lovran
Lovran: "New Year 2004".
I am sure that everyone had enjoyed welcoming New Year 2004 in Lovran... Great accomodation (Hotels, Villas...), fantastic dishes with great music and entertainment. More details about Lovran New Year 2004 offers, you can find on this page

31.12.2003. (11h)
New Year concert
Famous Lovran Brass Orchestra play out the 2003 year with concert on main Lovran square...

11.10.2003. - 26 .10.2003.

                       Marunada 2003

Marunada is the greatest yearly event in Lovran. Days of chestnust in Lovran are famous all over the Croatia and wider. Traditional gastronomic event offering assorted dishesand pastry made of famous Lovran sweet chestnuts - maruni. Here cames the name: Marunada. Beacuse of special climate, the Lovran's chestnuts are one of the most tasteful chestnuts in the World, and this is why this event is so special. Visit Marunada pages and find out more about this tremendous event, which this year celebrated its 30th anniversary...
    Detailed information about Marunada 2003 you can find on Marunada page

    Pictures of Marunada 2003...

01.07. - 30.09.2003.
Cultural Summer 2003 in Lovran: "Cultural Summer" in Lovran, this year from 15.07.2003. till 31.09.2003., comprises a various cultural, musical and artistic events in Lovran. I hope everyone enjoyed staying in Lovran this summer, so till the next summer...

Details about "Cultural Summer 2003", you can find out at Summer 2003 page.


Lovran Cultural Summer 2003

Villa Astra (20h 30min): Evening of italian Arias (Scarlatti, Tomasini) and croatian composers (Zajc, Lisniski) - Slavko Sekulic & Monika Marusic - Rakovac, piano.


Lovran Cultural Summer 2003

Villa Astra (20h 30min): Classical Guitar Concert: Neno Munitic


Lovran Cultural Summer 2003

Villa Astra (20h 30min): Jazz and evergreen night: Zlatko Barac and Vladimir Babin


Lovran Cultural Summer 2003

Church St. George(Jurja): Concert: Tonci Trinajstic (Clarinet) and Goran Filipec (Piano)


Lovran Cultural Summer 2003

Villa Astra (20h 30min): Espana, concert of the most popular spanish songs


Lovran Cultural Summer 2003

Square St. Ivan: "Melodies Bellcanta" - Guitar and tenor


Lovran Cultural Summer 2003

Square St. Ivan: Croat traditinal a capella songs - gang "Kastav"


Lovran Cultural Summer 2003

Villa Astra (20h 30min): Spanish and Latino American guitar concert.


Lovran Cultural Summer 2003

Villa Astra (20h 30min): Radojka Sverko concert.


Lovran Cultural Summer 2003

Hotel Excelsior: Festa di ferragosto


Fisherman night in Ika II(20h)
The first fisherman night in Ika was more than visited and successful. The second such party in Ika this year was even the better than first one, it is rare case that so many people enjoyes, dances and sings. Certainly, the best events of this summer.


Lovran Cultural Summer 2003

Square St. George (Jurja) (21h): Concert of famous Lovran brass orchestra.


Lovran Cultural Summer 2003

Square St. Ivan (John) (21h): Mihalj Ivkovic concert - accordion


Lovran Cultural Summer 2003

Square St. Ivan (John) (21h): Mandolin Concert - KUD "Fratellanza"


Lovran Cultural Summer 2003

Traditional Lovran fisherman night: The most famous Lovran summer event. Great party, great music, sea food. Entertainment guaranteed with one of the most popular croatian music band Gustafi.


Lovran Cultural Summer 2003

Hotel Excelsior (21h): Adriatic evening


Lovran Cultural Summer 2003

Villa Astra (20h 30min): Evening of italian canzones - Vivian Galleta


Lovran Cultural Summer 2003

Square St. John (Ivan) (21h): Croatian traditional song: mixed gang "Volosko"


Lovran Cultural Summer 2003

Square St. John (Ivan) (21h): Guitar Concert - Vedran Roguljic


Fisherman night in Ika (20h)
The fisherman night in Ika, called "Night in Ika" was, by my opinion, the greatest event of last summer. It is the real traditional fisherman night with great offer of sea food (thanks to Helena), local specialties and great music. Also, this year Ika prepared the great authentic party with great music, sea food and entertainment.


Lovran Cultural Summer 2003

Villa Astra (20h 30min): Jazz and Evergreen Night, Piano and saxpohon: Zlatko Barac and Vladimir Babin.


Lovran Cultural Summer 2003

Square St. George (Jurja) (21h): Concert of famous Lovran brass orchestra.


Lovran Cultural Summer 2003

Villa Astra (20h 30min): Evening of Spiritual songs, Classic Evergreens and Sefard's Romanses - Nadja Janke.


Lovran Cultural Summer 2003

St. Ivan Sqare (21h): Singing chore KUD "Lovor" concert.

07.06. - 15.06.2003.
Festival of cherries: This event becomes one of the most significants events in Lovran. Lovran is famous becuase of its original, authentic sort of cherries. During Festival of cherries, you had a opportunity to enjoy in unique Lovran cherries, cherry cakes and specialities in the restaurant and cafes of Lovran. The great final event was on Sunday, June 15th with rich amusement program: Brass orchestra concert, with Traditional music and dance ensemble "Zora" and sampling of 5 m cherry strudel. Traditional Lovran event in sign of real authentic Lovran product: Lovran cherries... Although this year weather (strong winter, dry spring) caused less cherries harvest, it was traditionally great event, so till next year...

05.06.2003., 08.06.2003.
Holy Father, Pope John Paul II visited Rijeka

Third time as Croatia becomes independent state, we had privilege to host Holy Father, Pope John Paul II. This time, Pope has visit Rijeka (20 km from Lovran). He took the name of his predecessors (John, Paul, John Paul) to emphasis his desire to continue the reforms of the Council. Pope John Paul II is the most traveled pope in the history of the papacy, having visited nearly every country in the world which would receive him. It is his custom to kiss the earth of each land he visits as soon as he puts his feet to that country. Over 100.000 people was on Delta (part of Rijeka) to see and hear holy father. Exceptional and unique opportunity to attend this event is behind us, opportunity that happenes ones in a lifetime...

17.05. - 18.05.2003.
Ex Tempore: Painting manifestation accompianed with rich artistic and cultural program. This was the first time such event occured in Lovran, and it could be said that Lovran will host it in the future. First day their painting skills shown the youngest painters in Lovran; children from Opatija, Moscenicka Draga and Lovran kindergartens and elementary schools. Second day was predicted for group of painters (100 of them) from Zagreba, Istrie, Rijeka, Crikvenica, Novog Vinodolskog and Lovran. The final event was duel of two painters: Claudio Frank and Zdenko Velcic. It will be interesting to see evaluation of this event next year. Till than...

09.05.2003. - 11.05.2003.

International Brass Orchestras festival: Lovran and famous Lovran Brass Orchestra have (as for last 10 years) organized International Brass Orchestra Festival. Beside Lovran Brass Orchestra, there was orcheatras from Italy (Corpo bandistico citta di Minerbio) , Hungary (Budafoki Fvosegylet from Budapest) and Croatia (Lovran brass orchestra). That was really great event, great orchestras show their brilliant music performances in Opatija and Lovran. Till next year...

12.04.2003. - 27.04.2003.

Lovran: "Asparagus Festival".
Great gastronomic event in Lovran; Asparagus days. Asparagus is a perennial vegetable which will live from 12 to 15 years or longer. It is one of the most valuable of the early vegetables. The Liburnia area acknowledged great value of Asparagus long time ago, during which period a rich gastro- nomic skills of preparation a delicious Asparagus meals are developed. This is why this event is all about.

Visitors had opportunity to taste various Asparagus meals (Frittata, risotto of Asparagus, Asparagus soup...). The main event was on April, 26th 2003: Great Asparagus party in Lovran harbour; large Asparagus Frittata of 800 eggs, great concert evening with Gustafi and Bonaca.

More information about Asparagus Festival in Lovran, you can find on this page

Thursday, 24.04.2003.
Lovran municipe day: The day of Lovran municipe which celebrates every year together with day of St. Jurja (George), Saint, protector of city Lovran.

17.01.2003. - 04.03.2003.

     January, February, March 2003

Lovran: "Carnival 2003".
Well, if we say that Marunada is the biggest Lovran's event, carnival is certainly the second. Traditional international manifestation during January and February has brought many events and entertainment; Ceremony of Carnival openning, Carnival Balls, Children's Carnival, Zubijada, Balinjerada, Carnival Procession, and finally, the main event, traditional closing of Carnival with authentic "immolation of Mesopust". In addition, this year, "Toronjera", carnival organisation society, celebrates 80 years of existence. Congratulations.

Images and more information about Carnival 2003, you can find on Carnival 2003 page.

Tuesday, 04.03.2003.
Carnival, Lovran: "Immolation of Pust".
The final event of Carnival every year is immolation of Pust... Pust was judged, convicted to be immolated as guilty for all troubles and unhappinnes of past year. This event assigns the end of current year Carnival and beginning of happiness and better time for all people. Carnival 2003 is over. Images and Calendar of Carnival 2003 you can find on Carnival 2003 page.

Sunday, 02.03.2003.
Carnival, Rijeka: "International Carnival in Rijeka"
The 3rd biggest Carnival in the world (after Rio's and Venice Carnivals), this year gathered about 11 thousands masks, 128 Carnival groups and over 100.000 spectators. They came from all parts of Croatia (Donja Kaštela, Zagreb, Karlovac, Korcule, Sinj, Pula and Labin), Italy (Venice, Trieste, Corri), even from Japan Kawasaki. Rijeka Mayor, Obersnel sais that this was the best Carnival in Rijeka ever. Till the next year...

Sunday, 23.02.2003. (14h)

    Carnival, Lovran: "International Carnival Procession".

The main Carnival event in Lovran this year includes 51 masquerade groups with over 3000 participants (1000 children participants). The great sunny weather, great masks, much of participants of Balinjerada was also present in Lovran, all this makes this event special. "Toronjera", the Lovran carnival association has celebrated 80 year of existence with big birthday cake. Great party, if you were not present you
    can not imagine the great attraction of Carnival in Lovran. However, the pictures     of Lovran Carnival you can find on Carnival 2003 page.

Sunday, 23.02.2003. (09h - 14h)
Carnival, Opatija: "Balinjerada".
The most attractive Carnival event on Liburnia area, what so ever. This year, like any past years, didn't dissapoint more that 5000 spectators in Opatija. It is a competition of alegoric masked vehicles with over 120 masked vehicles participated in this year contest. This year "Balinjerada" celebrated the 20th birthday. Dusko Jelicic, the head of this manifestation, had received celebrating birthday cake and we're whishing him and Opatija many, many years of its occurance. It's my duty to say, there is no way to find out how Carnival on Kvarner looks like if you are not present. Till the next year...

Saturday, 22.02.2003.
Carnival, Opatija: "International Carnival Procession".
The main Carnival event in Opatija started this year in 17h. It is a first time that such event occured not on daylight but under light of 300 torches. It was really magnificant. The main Carnival event in Opatija included 52 masquerade groups from Italy, Slovenia and Croatia with about 2500 participants. I'm sure all visitors enjoyed as they are enyojing this event every year...

Saturday, 15.02.2003.
Carnival, Lovran: "Children Carnival Party".
In Lovran's restaurant "Kvarner", the youngest participator of Carnival enjoyed in special masquerade party. This event has been organized by Lovran Carnival association "Toronjera". Children enjoyed in dance and live music with popular music band "Flash".

Sunday, 09.02.2003.
Carnival, Opatija: "Children Carnival Procession".
On main Opatija street passed one of the most interesting Carnival events; Children Carnival Procession. It was more than 4000 child masks who participates, from all parts of Croatia, Italy and Slovenia. Beautiful masks weared by the youngest carnival participators. Great event and great fun.

Saturday, 08.02.2003.
Carnival, Harbour, Lovran: "Zubijada".
Lovran masquerade fishing contest. This was third year of this event which gathered fishermen who participate in fishing contest. Of course, all participators was masquarade. Great fun and entertainment.

Friday, 07.02.2003.
Carnival, Hotel Millenium, Opatija: "Masquerade Fashion Parade".
In Hotel Millenium was first masquerade fashion show in Opatija. It was very interesting, and we are sure that this will become a tradition, so till next year ...
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