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  Lovran Events in year 2006

New Year's Eve in Lovran
Lovran: New Year 2007.

Lovran offered a great party for New Year 2007 eve...

Great accomodation (Hotels, Villas...), fantastic dishes with great music and entertainment.
14.10. - 29.10.2006.

Marunada 2006 !!!

Marunada is the greatest yearly event in Lovran. Traditional gastronomic event offering assorted dishesand pastry made of famous Lovran sweet chestnuts - maruni. Here cames the name: Marunada. Beacuse of special climate, the Lovran's chestnuts are one of the most tasteful chestnuts in the World, and this is why this event is so special. Visit Marunada pages and find out more about this tremendous event...

More details about Marunada 2006 find following this link.

18.07. - 25.08.2006.

Lovran Summer 2006 !!!

Lovran Summer 2006
The period from 18.07.2006. till 25.08.2006. Like every summer, Lovran Summer 2006 comprised a various cultural, musical and artistic events in Lovran.

More information and details find on Lovran Summer 2006 page !!!

17.06. - 25.06.2006.

Festival of cherries

This event becomes one of the most significants events in Lovran. Lovran is famous because of delicios cherries grows on its area. During Festival of cherries, you had a opportunity to enjoy in unique Lovran cherries, cherry cakes, cherry beer, and other specialities in the restaurant and cafes of Lovran.

Find more information following this link...
20.05. - 21.05.2006.

International regatta

International regatta of sail boats, class cruisers. Lovran has rich tradition of sailing and great results in sailing sport. Interesting sport event...

20.05. - 21.05.2006.


4th EX TEMPORE & "Wrinkles of Old Mandrac" Visual artist's event including children's participation


Lovran Bicycle Tour !!!!

The enthusiastic idea and ambition of Lovran Bicycle club to have a Bicycle race in Lovran results in this unique event!!!

05.05. - 07.05.2006.

14. International brass orchestra festival

Lovran and famous Lovran Brass Orchestra (as for last 13 years) organized International Brass Orchestra Festival. Beside Lovran Brass Orchestra, there was orchestras from Italy (Filarmonica "Giuseppe Verdi" di Lecco) and Hungary (Balatonfüredi Koncert fuvos zenekar). Great event, brilliant orchestras.

Festival events was as follows:

- Friday, 05.05
.: 20.00h – Lovran – Opening concert

- Saturday, 06.05.: 17.00h – Opatija (Villa Angiolina) –   Concert

- Sunday, 07.05.: 10.00h - Opatija - Hotels Imperial,   Millenium, Palace - Concerts, 10.30h - Slatina -   Promenade concert, 12.30h - Lovran - Promenade   concert

15.04. - 23.04.2006.

Lovran: "Asparagus Festival 2006".

The Liburnia area acknowledged great value of Asparagus long time ago, during which period a rich gastronomic skills of preparation a delicious Asparagus meals are developed. This is why this event is all about.. Come next year in Lovran and taste a various Asparagus meals; Frittata, Risotto of Asparagus, Asparagus soup...

The main event this year (2006) will happen on
April, 22nd
(Saturday) on main Lovran square (18h, 20h) with
Asparagus Frittata of 1000 eggs and 30 kilos of asparagus...

Find more information on Asparagus Festival pages...

16.01.2006. - 28.02.2006.

Lovran: "Carnival 2006".

Carnival is certainly the second biggest year event in Lovran. Traditional international manifestation during January and February has brought many events and entertainment; Ceremony of Carnival openning, Carnival Balls, Children's Carnival, Zubijada, Balinjerada, Carnival Procession, and finally, the main event, traditional closing of Carnival with authentic "immolation of Mesopust".

Images and details about Carnival 2006 find by clicking on following link.
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