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  Lovran Events in year 2002

New Year Eve in Lovran
Lovran: "New Year 2003".
New Year Eve in Lovran passed quite and declaim. Lovran Hotels and Restaurants offered great parties, great music and entertainment, nice food, lot of people enterteined himselves till the early hours of first day of 2003 year... More details about Lovran New Year 2003 offers, you can find on this page


Lovran Cinema: "Lovran Brass Orchestra Concert".
There was no enough place in Lovran cinema to embrace all visitors who wanted to participate in this extraordinary event. New Year Concert of Lovran Brass Orchestra was at the same time celebrating concert of this great musicians, celebrate of 90 years of Lovran Brass Orchestra existance. 90 years of existance, lot of international awards, lot of Lovran generations participated during 90 year history of orchestra. Great event. Great anniversary.
Lovran.com whishes Happy Birthday and lot of forecaming years with the same quality and same success.

18.11.2002. - 24.11.2002.

Hotel Excelsior: "Tastes of franch kitchen".
It was a really rare opportunity to taste the real authentic french food in beutiful ambient of Hotel Excelsior. More than 30 different french kitchen foods, soups (famous french onion soup), cold entree, warm entree, meat, fish, cheese, salat, and of course, french wines ...
That was a great event. After days of mexican kitchen in June, macedonian kitchen in September, days of french kitchen are over. If you have missed it, visit www.lovran.com till next opportunity.

11.10.2002. - 27.10.2002.

Lovran, Dobrec, Liganj: "Marunada". The greatest yearly event in Lovran is over. Days of chestnust in Lovran are famous all over the Croatia and wider. Traditional gastronomic event offering assorted dishesand pastry made of famous Lovran sweet chestnuts - maruni. Here cames the name: Marunada. Beacuse of special climate, the Lovran's chestnuts are one of the most tasteful chestnuts in the World, and this is why this event is so special. Visit Marunada pages and find out more how passes Marunada 2002. Pictures of Marunada 2002 will be soon at lovran.com

05.09.2002. - 05.10.2002.

Gallery Laurus: "Bjeloglavi Sup". This exibition has presented the >>Bjeloglavi Sup<<, the very rare animal (vulture), which lodgment is mostly on island Cres. There are only a few such animals on the world. Croatia, as lodgment country, works very hard to provide a necessary conditions to keep this bird alive. It was very interesting, especially for visitors who didn't knew anything about "Bjeloglavi Sup".

01.09.2002. - 15.09.2002.

Hotel Excelsior: "Days of macedonian kitchen".
It was a really rare opportunity to taste the real authentic macedonian food in beutiful ambient of Hotel Excelsior. A very little number of people really knows something about very rich macedonian food offer. Very good offer, visited by many people who wanted to find out more about this egzotic country and its delicious.
Great event. After days of mexican kitchen in June, days of Macedonian kitchen was very good prepared and visited.

11.07.2002. - 30.08.2002.

Cultural Summer in Lovran 2002: "Cultural Summer" in Lovran, the period from 11.07.2002. till 30.08.2002. It has comprised a various cultural, musical and artistic events in Lovran. Details about "Cultural Summer 2002", you can find out at Summer 2002 Events. This was the great period rich with various entertain- ment and cultural events. The Lovran authorities, assures us that the "Cultural Summer 2003" will be even better. So, if someone has missed the most signifi- cant events of this summer in Lovran, will have a chance to recompense it next year. Till than, visit www.lovran.com and find out what is going to happened in a mean time.


Traditional Lovran Night no 3: : Fisherman night in Lovran no 3. This was the third such event, this summer 2002., and maybe the best one. The main reason for this, was a very popular croatian singer, "Jole". The fisherman nights in Lovran, has established itself as main summer event in Lovran, and I'm sure it will be so the next year, also.


Fisherman night in Ika no 2.: : This was not planned. The first Ika night, two weeks before, has been so successful, that habitants of Ika have decided to organize second one. It was just even better than first one. The everything was same, sea food (no meat), great music (Lady Luna), great personel (Helena), with addition of professional animation; Vale, one man show. Everyone has spent a great time at second fisherman night 2002 in Ika. We could only hope, that this will become a traditional night, and to wait next year.


Fisherman night in Ika: After 14 years, the fisherman night in Ika, called "Night in Ika", happened again. It was like everyone has waiting 14 years to came and to enjoy again. By my opinion, it was the greatest event this summer, the real traditional fisherman night with great offer of sea food (thanks to Helena), local specialties and great music.


Traditional Lovran Night no 2: Traditional Lovran Night no 2. Second fisherman night in Lovran gave you opportunity to recompense the fun in case you have missed the first one. This time, it was Mladen Grdovic, who was intended to animate and lead this happening. And he was indeed the indefatigable. The great fun till early morning hours. If you have missed the second fisherman night in Lovran, there is still chanse for you on 24th August. Details about "Cultural Summer", you can find out at Summer 2002 Events.

05.07.2002. - 28.07.2002.

Galery "Laurus" in Lovran: Exibition of arts: eminent austrian painter Manfred Hebestreit - under name "Pictures from cycle Oraj". Mr. Hebenstreit has already present his work all over the world, Austria, France, Italy, Japan, Luxemburg, Russia, USA, ... Now in Lovran ... The exibition has been inspired by author's stay on Oraj, reconstructed object in property of Lovranske Vile d.o.o.. Author will during next year present his work in Wienna, as the youngest painter who has ever present his paintings in palace Harrach. Very interesting exibition.


Traditional Lovran Night: It was great party. It was one of three such events, which will happen this summer. The main musical event of evening was concert of very popular croatian bend "Gustafi". During this night, you have been able to find out everything about what is traditional in Lovran, sea food, lovran wine, istrian music, ...
It was part of "Cultural Summer" in Lovran. Details about "Cultural Summer", you can find out at Summer 2002 Events.

05.07.2002. - 07.07.2002.

Liburnia Jazz 2002: It was really fantastic event in Lovran; Jazz festival, which has draw together a large number of eminent jazz musicians; Elvis Stanic Group, Bosko Petrovic, Matija Dedic, Garrison Fewel with orchestra (USA), Peches Staten and "Nick Beccatini Band" (USA), Kim Prevost and Bill Solley (New Orleans), Big Band of Croatian Television ...

08.06.2002. - 16.06.2002.

Festival of cherries: »Days of cherries in Lovran«, event which was happen in 12 touristic objects in Lovran, between 8th and 23rd June. Meats made of cherries, was possible to taste in »Caffe Hotel Excelsior», restaurants »Kvarner», »Knezgrad» »Lovranska vrata», »Riviera», »Stari Grad», »Stubica», in Lovranska Draga and Liganj, and italian restaurants »Stanger», »Delfino» and »Oaza». The culmination of this event was in
Sunday, 16th June, on main Lovran square, in 18.30 h. How it was, you can see on these  pictures.
If you have not been present, do not miss this event next year, you will regret.
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